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Getting Started

Finding a location

We recommend visiting our live map at https://world.minedaria.com/ where you can view the world to its entirety and locate a comfortable spot to settle in.

How can I get to a country quickly?

  • You can use the continents selector to get closer to your desired location. It is accessible through the command /continents or by visiting the air balloon located at the spawn.
Continent Selector (Preview from in-game)

What if I want to visit a random country?

  • If you prefer to visit a random location you can do so by running the command /wild which will open up the menu for you to teleport randomly.
Randomly Teleporting (Preview from in-game)

Creating or joining a town

Creating a town or joining one is a simple process. Possessing a town allows you to claim your land as your own and prevent your builds being modified by outsiders. The cost of creating a town is $1000 in-game money. Once you have found a spot you like on the Earth World run the following command:

  • /t new {name} (e.g. /t new minedaria)

If you prefer to join an already established town that you have been invited to you will be promoted with a message to accept the invite. You can do so by running the following command:

  • /accept or deny the invitation by running /deny

Claiming land

As you expand your town you will want to claim it as your own. You can do so by running a single command.

  • /t claim

You can un-claim land by running the following command:

  • /t unclaim

I am not the town owner?

If you were invited to a town, the owner would have setup plots for their new members to purchase and settle in. Locate the plot of your choice and run the following command:

  • /plot claim

Town Upkeep

Claiming land for your town requires you to pay a fee every 24 hours, the equivalent of claiming a plot is rent (if enabled by the town owner). Failing to pay the fees will result in losing your town or plot.

How do I pay my town up keep?

You must deposit money into your town bank. The upkeep will be deducted from that balance. You can running the following commands:

  • /t deposit {amount} (e.g. /t deposit 1000) - depositing money into your town bank

Town Toggles

Town owner can disable or enable what happens on a plot whether it is allowing players to build/destroy on a plot or preventing fire, explosions or mobs spawning. You can run the following commands:

  • /plot set perm on/off - allow or disallow all players to modify the plot
  • /plot set perm build on/off - allow or disallow players to build on the plot
  • /plot toggle explosions - allow or disallow the occurrence of explosions
  • /plot toggle fire - allow or disallow the spread of fire
  • /plot toggle mobs - allow or disallow the spawning of mobs

Earning money

Paying for rent, town up keep, nation taxes and purchasing luxury items in-game requires in-game money. There are various ways you can earn it.

Setting up your own shop:

Why not set up your own shop in your town/plot for other users to purchase items from you? You can do this easily by hitting a chest with the item you would like to sell, you will then be prompted in chat to enter the desired price of the item. You can always change the price, quantity or remove the shop by right clicking your shop.

Chat Prompt (preview from in-game)
Editing your shop (preview from in-game)

Joining a job

There are 10 professions available to join:

Miner, Woodcutter, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Crafter, Fisherman, Brewer and Enchanter!

Joining a profession allows you to earn money every 5 minutes. Amount you earn depends on the amount of work you have done within those 5 minutes. You can join a profession or leave a professional interactively through the menu.

You can access the jobs menu by running the command:

  • /jobs
Jobs menu (preview from in-game)
Job Information (preview from in-game)

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